Faculty & Staff

Janet Buras (jburas@sppnb.org) -  Principal

It is with great pleasure that I introduce myself as the new Principal of Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School.  I have recently relocated to New Braunfels from the Gulf Coast of 

Mississippi in order to be closer to my son and daughter-in-law.  I am a product of Catholic Education and have spent 10 years teaching and 28 years as an administrator in Catholic schools.  I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and spent 26 years working for the
Archdiocese of New Orleans.  In 2005 I relocated to become a principal with the Biloxi Diocese in Mississippi, where I was immediately faced with the task of getting my new school back up and
running after Hurricane Katrina.  Now God has led me to New Braunfels and Saints Peter and 
Paul.  I have always been an advocate and promoter of Catholic education.  It is truly the greatest gift my parents ever gave me.  My Catholic education has made me who I am and what I have 
chosen as my career and ministry.  God has always led me where he needs me and I pray that his leading me to New Braunfels and SPP will prove to be beneficial to all, especially our children. I feel confident that with your prayers and support we can make this happen.


Karen Arnold (karnold@sppnb.org) - Dean of Students


Judy Walther (jwalther@spppnb.org) - PK 3/4A Teacher

Mary Frausto (mfrausto@sppnb.org) - PK 3/4A Teaching Assistant 

Lisa Curtis (lcurtis@sppnb.org) - PK 3A Teacher 

Hazel Simoni (hsimoni@sppnb.org) - PK 3A Teaching Assistant 

Staci Taege (staege@sppnb.org) - PK 4A Teacher 

Tina DeVito (tdevito@sppnb.org) - PK 4A Teaching Assistant 

Katie Leitgen (kleitgen@sppnb.org) - PK 4B Teacher 

Carla Early (cearly@sppnb.org) - PK 4B Teaching Assistant 

Emily Smith (esmith@sppnb.org) - KA Teacher 

Lauren Alvaro (lalvaro@sppnb.org) - KB Teacher 

Erin Novak (enovak@sppnb.org) - Kindergarten Aide

Erica Brucks (ebrucks@sppnb.org)  - 1st grade (1A) Teacher

Robyn Krug (rkrug@sppnb.org) - 1st Grade (1B) Teacher 

Reagan McNeill (rmcneill@sppnb.org) - 2nd Grade (2A) Teacher 

Tammy Schaefer (tschaefer@sppnb.org) - 2nd Grade (2B) Teacher 

Jill VanGeffen (jvangeffen@sppnb.org)- 3rd Grade (3A)Teacher 

Amy Pottinger (apottinger@sppnb.org) - 3rd Grade (3B) Teacher 

Stephanie Rosales (srosales@sppnb.org) - 4th Grade (4A) Teacher 

Jennifer Sprencel (jsprencel@sppnb.org) - 4th Grade (4B) Teacher

Joseph Mahlie (jmahlie@sppnb.org) - 5th Grade (5A) Teacher 

Jennifer Rompel (jrompel@sppnb.org) - 5th Grade (5B) Teacher

Tammy Zgabay (tzgabay@sppnb.org) - School of Logic Social Studies Teacher and 6th grade (6A) Homeroom Teacher

Roxanna Brightman (rbrightman@sppnb.org) - School of Logic Science Teacher and 6th Grade (6B) Homeroom Teacher 

Meredith Romero (mromero@sppnb.org) - School of Logic Math Teacher and 7th Grade (7A) Homeroom Teacher

Natalia Rivera (nrivera@sppnb.org) - School of Logic Religion Teacher, Religious Coordinator and 7th Grade (7B) Homeroom Teacher 

Judy Geison (jgeison@sppnb.org) - School of Logic English Teacher and 8th Grade (8A) Homeroom Teacher 

Katie Agnew (kagnew@sppnb.org)  - Art Teacher 

Melissa Esparza (mesparza@sppnb.org) - Spanish Teacher (PreK-5th) 

Emily Tolson (etolson@sppnb.org) - Technology Teacher (PK-5th)

Michael Martin (mmartin@sppnb.org) - PE Teacher and Athletic Director 

Megan Velazquez (mvelazquez@sppnb.org) - PE Aide  

Michaela Ratcliff (mratcliff@sppnb.org) - Music Teacher 

Rebecca Matschek (rmatschek@sppnb.org) - Library Manager 

Pauline Turner (pturner@sppnb.org) - Volunteer Health Coordinator 

Kathy Burley (kburley@sppnb.org) - After School Care Coordinator

Jana Proff (jproff@sppnb.org) - Panther Den Coordinator 

Kim Schlageter (kschlageter@sppnb.org) - Panther Den Teacher 

Karen Sciantarelli (ksciantarelli@sppnb.org) - Panther Den Teacher

Glenda Cobb (gcobb@sppnb.org) - Aide

Kay McDonald (kmcdonald@sppnb.org) - Administrative Assistant 

Stephanye West (swest@sppnb.org) - Administrative Assistant 

Bianca Dalrymple (bdalrymple@sppnb.org) - Business Director 

Leslie Masters - (lalesmasters50@yahoo.com) LA Caterers Director (Cafeteria)