Volunteer and Service Hour Information

Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic School administers a Service Hours program. Prior to completion of any service hours, all volunteers must have completed OVASE training in order for volunteer hours to be credited, completed a criminal background check through the Archdiocese of San Antonio and signed and returned the Code of Conduct Acknowledgement form. This program encourages parents of our school children to stay active in their child(ren)’s school life by requiring participation in activities associated with the school. Parents are needed to serve as homeroom parents, a volunteer for a day to help with classroom or teacher needs, serve as a cafeteria monitor or assist the school in other valuable ways. Parent involvement helps keep school tuition and fees low and it makes for happier and better-disciplined students. This program also helps keep parents aware of their child’s academic life and school happenings, and lends to camaraderie between parents and the staff.

Hours Required

Each St. Peter & Paul Catholic School family is required to provide a minimum of 22 service hours to the school community during each school year. Two (2) of the twenty two (22) hours must be completed by volunteering at a non related school community service and must be approved by the office.  Family service hours can be earned by a parent or other family member who is 18 years of age, or older. An individual not related to the family or another school family who has service hours in excess of the required hours cannot “donate” hours to another school family. Likewise, Family Service Hours cannot be earned by students of Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic School.  This program is specifically designed to encourage a parent’s participation in their child’s school activities. A family’s service hours must be completed, approved, and turned in by May 15th.

Non-Completion Fee

Families who do not complete their service hours are charged a fee of $500. (When service hours are not completed and/or the fee is not paid by the first week in June, the family loses its reserved space for the following school year). The fee will be charged according to the following weighted formula. The two Day of Service (Community) hours that are required will be valued at $50 per hour, while the remaining 20 will be valued at $20.00 per hour. In cases of extreme hardship, in which a family feels it cannot fulfill the required service hours, the reason for deferment is to be submitted to the principal in writing. No grievance or requests for deferment is heard without written submission. All grievances or deferments are decided on a case-by-case basis. All deferments are reviewed again each April 15th to determine continuation or cancellation

for the next school year. When the principal is not able to make a determination, the pastor is asked to determine. 

Service Hour Logs

A master list of each family’s service hours is maintained and these service hours are logged in on a monthly basis. All service hours must be completed, approved and turned in by May 15th.

Each Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic School committee, activity, or event has a chair or person in charge. It is the parent’s responsibility to have the chairperson in charge verify and sign-off on each volunteer log following each event or activity. When volunteering in a classroom or for a teacher, the teacher is the person in charge and should verify the service hour log. If service hours are provided by assisting with cafeteria supervision, volunteers must sign in as they arrive and leave campus. The office staff will verify service hour  log utilizing the campus sign in records.

All service hour sheets are turned into the school office to be logged in to each family’s account. These forms are available through the school website, at the school office and are also sent home monthly in the weekly folder.  When hours worked are in dispute, the principal makes the final determination.

Each family is notified in early January of their accumulated service hours to facilitate verification. Families receive notification in April of service hour progress. Families who have earned “extra hours” cannot ‘roll over’ these hours for the next school year. The donation of hours is not permitted. In other words, service hours accrued by those who are not the parents or other family members who are eighteen (18) years of age or older will not be calculated as meeting part of a family’s service hour obligation. Donations of items are not accepted in lieu of service unless approved by the school office.


 Ways to Earn Service Hours

The following are some of the ways in which service hours may be earned:

  • Attendance at a general PTC Meeting (1 service hour)

  • Serving on a PTC committee, sub-committee and planning meetings (1 service hour per hour of meeting time)

  • Volunteer for work in a fundraising activity

All parents who serve as teachers or staff of Sts. Peter and Paul School are exempt from their service hour commitments with the exception of the 2 required Day of Service (Community) hours.

*Please note that attending a class party or contributing food for a party does not count as service hours.


*Please note that working for CYO does not count towards service hours.


*Please note that volunteering at any church does not count towards service hours.


Additional Examples of  Meeting Service Hour Requirements


  • Field Trip Chaperone

  • Cafeteria Monitor (excluding time when eating with your child)

  • Classroom Volunteer Assistance as requested by a teacher

  • Booster Club Participation

  • Serving on the School Council

  • Scouting Activities that directly impact Sts. Peter and Paul School

  • Grounds Maintenance

  • Assist with school activities such as Meet the Teacher Night or Grandparents Breakfast

  • First Friday Social Committee

  • Catholic Schools Week Gala Committee

  • Silent/Live Auction Donation Committee

  • Catholic Schools Week Committees

  • Used Uniform Sales Committee

  • PSIA or CAAC Academic Competitions

  • Or other principal approved special activities

General Questions and Answers About Service Hours

Can a family member complete my family service hours for me?

Service hours can be completed by a parent/guardian, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or sibling who is 18 years or older. Volunteers must have completed the V.A.S.E. training, a Criminal Background Check and signed the Code of Conduct (Archdiocesan policy) prior to performing any service hours at the school.

Can another family donate service hours to me?

No, however under extreme circumstance, you can contact the Principal, or the Admissions Director to see if your hours can be minimized or waived.

Can I be released from my family service hours obligation?

You may choose to be released from your service hours obligation by donating $500 to the school, payable by the last day of the school year. Please note that the purpose of this service hour agreement is to form community, to strengthen our school, and to set an example of Christian Service for our children.

How do I record my hours?

All family service hours should be recorded on the Service Hour sheet. This is sent home monthly in the Weekly Folder or can be picked up in the school office.

When and where should I turn in my hours?

All service hours should be turned in once they are completed and approved. You may return them in your child's Weekly folder, turn them in at the school office or email swest@sppnb.org with your hours.

Will I be informed of how many hours I have accumulated throughout the year?

Service hours earned are posted on Parents Web.  Check your family information to determine your family service hour status at any time.  

What if I do not earn all 22 Family Service Hours?

Families who do not complete their service hours are charged a $500 fee per agreement that was signed at registration. The family loses its reserved space for the following year (unless the fee is paid). Grievances will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.