After School Care

An on-site extended-care program is available (for an additional cost) after school for students attending Sts. Peter & Paul. The program is available from 1–6 p.m. each school day.  For more information, contact the school office.

Items Needed For Pre-K

* Vinyl Kindermat 1"x19"x45"

*King Size Pillowcase (Will Cover Nap Mat)

* Light Weight Small Blanket (No Bedrolls, Sleeping Bags Or Pillows)

* 1 Gallon Ziploc Bag

Blanket And Pillowcase Should Fit In The Gallon Size Bag

Please Mark Your Child's Name On All Items

The pillowcase and blanket will be sent home at the end of every week to be cleaned.  Please return after laundering.  We will keep the vinyl nap mat here and will disinfect them regularly.